Orthodontics Costs and Fees

Our practice accepts most medical aids and payment plans are offered whereby you can pay off your braces while you are under treatment.

The cost of your orthodontic treatment will vary depending on your individual orthodontic treatment needs, and this will be determined at your first consultation appointment. You will be given a quote and a treatment plan in writing for your orthodontic treatment at the first consultation visit so that you know what to expect before you start treatment.
The fees for your orthodontic treatment are placed on a convenient payment plan, interest free. The initial fee is usually 30 to 35% of the full fee and the balance is paid off in monthly installments. The number of monthly installments will vary depending on the length of your treatment (usually anywhere from 6 to 18 months).

If you have a medical aid, we will assist you with obtaining an authorisation and the medical aid can be billed directly by our practice. The authorisation will serve to let you know how much of funds your medical aid has to cover the cost of your orthodontic treatment so that you can budget in advance should your funds get exhausted in the middle of treatment. Please note that some medical aids do not cover treatment over a certain age, whilst others do not cover the full treatment fees or the rates may be lower than our fees, then you will need to pay where your medical aid does not pay. Please be sure to query the guidelines with your medical aid.
Various payment methods are accepted for your convenience.