Consultation Procedures

First consultation

The practice welcomes all referrals whether it be from your dentist, family or friends, however, you do not necessarily need a referral letter from your dentist to be seen by Dr Khan, you can simply phone in and book a first appointment.

At this visit a full oral exam will be performed and records such as xrays and photographs will be taken in order to do an in-depth analysis of your teeth and jaw bones. A detailed treatment plan will then be drawn up to meet your expectations and you will be given a quotation based on your treatment needs at this visit. The treatment plan and quote will then be discussed with you in detail at this first visit.

You can discuss all your concerns and your questions will be answered at this visit. You will leave knowing exactly what it will cost you and what your treatment will entail from start to finish. If your treatment plan entails removal of teeth to create space, or if you need to get some fillings or a cleaning done, a referral will be given to you so that you can visit your family dentist first before your braces are placed.

What happens after the first visit?

Once you have accepted the treatment plan and quote the next step will be to get your braces fitted, for which you can schedule an appointment at your convenience. At the braces placement appointment, your braces are bonded to your teeth and you are now on your way to your new smile. This visit is approximately 60 minutes long. At this visit you will be given a complimentary patient kit as well as clear instructions and demonstrations on how to look after your braces.

Monthly check ups

You will need to come in once a month for a recall appointment. At these appointments wires are changed and treatment progress is monitored and assessed and discussed with you. These appointments are approximately 15 minutes long.

Removal of braces

Once your treatment goals have been achieved and you are happy with your results, your braces are ready to be removed and you will receive retainers. You can get clear retainers or fixed permanent retainers depending on your specific malocclusion.